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Have you ever considered that we all have a purpose on this planet to fulfill? We make choices before we are born, and I'd like to share my story with you. Firstly, thank you for spending your time on my online gallery and bringing some of my artworks, each carrying memories, into your beautiful space.

My childhood was mainly filled with creating collages, colouring, drawing books, and using color pencils, pastels, and papers. My parents recall me always engaged in some creative activity with magazines, papers, and my imagination. It's fascinating to reflect on these childhood stories as an adult. I believe our childhood is pivotal, shaping who we become.

Building on my childhood experiences, I am on a mission to create my brand called "The Planet Dreamers," focusing on magic programs, books, and journals for kids aged 5 to 9. This crucial age range determines one's personality and aspirations, and I am eager to contribute to this purpose.

Now, let's delve into my art journey. I graduated from the Art and Architecture University of Tehran, and my passion spans visuals, graphics, illustrations, mixed media, digital art, and freelance photography. Everything you see here is born from my imagination, dreams, and the creations of my inner child.

When I create art, I sit in my studio, observing my colors, materials, window, plants, and cozy corner. Nothing is planned in advance; everything begins the moment I sketch my first lines or patterns. Free expression forms, abstract shapes, and imaginary visions take shape, guided by the music I'm listening to. Inspiration for me comes from my surroundings, places I've visited, cultures I've encountered, specific music, and the beauty in nature.

My Persian roots, known for dreaming and manifesting, contribute to finding purpose and passion in everything. Now based in the UK, I had my first official exhibition in London in March 2023 and have participated in solo and group exhibitions worldwide.

I primarily work with acrylics, pastels, gesso, plasters, tissue papers, and gold sheets when needed. In my opinion, art has no boundaries; it is free. As a free spirit, I love experimenting with various styles, refusing to limit my skills and imagination to one type of art. Every day, I wake up to a new dream, a new inspiration to fulfill.

Recently, I've been exploring artworks related to Persian, Japanese, and Egyptian ancient art, blending them with my digital surreal mixed-media techniques and imagination. This serves as my new challenge, bridging old civilizations with our modern lives. Keep an eye on my website for these upcoming showcases.

I want to share a secret with you: The longer you delay your dreams, the more time you waste. Keep dreaming and manifesting, beautiful people.

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