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Numerous experiments have revealed the intriguing connection between frequency and form, raising the fascinating possibility that sound played a pivotal role in the creation and shaping of the universe.

This particular painting is an original piece from a collection that finds its inspiration in the 432Hz frequency, known as the resonance of our planet Earth. The creation of this collection spanned several months, during which I delved deep into the exploration of this captivating frequency.

Within this artwork, I meticulously applied nearly 10 layers, utilizing a combination of acrylic paints, spray, and delicate gold leaf sheets. These elements harmoniously come together to imbue the painting with texture, depth, and visual interest.

Through this artistic endeavour, I seek to capture the essence of the 432Hz frequency and its connection to our planet. It serves as an invitation for viewers to contemplate the profound relationship between sound, form, and the intricate beauty of the universe.

Blooming in April

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