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"Elevate your surroundings with a touch of sophistication. Order a print of my exquisite artwork on premium gallery fine art paper for a timeless and refined addition to your space."

Remember Me" is a journey painted with the melodies of love, sparked during a train ride. As I listened to rhythmic beats, I instinctively sketched emotions stirred by the music. Those pencil sketches, captured amidst the train's motion, embody fleeting moments and feelings.
Back in my studio, I translated these sketches into a vibrant canvas using acrylic. The initial paint layer echoes the melodies heard on the train—each stroke a note, each line a lyric. As a mixed media piece, my artwork becomes a tangible expression of this emotional journey, a testament to the beauty of remembered moments and the resonance of love-infused tunes.
"Remember Me" invites you to dive into this narrative, to sense the rhythms of a train journey, and feel the emotions painted onto the canvas. It's a timeless ode to memories lingering in the heart's corridors.

Remember me

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