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"Elevate your surroundings with a touch of sophistication. Order a print of my exquisite artwork on premium gallery fine art paper for a timeless and refined addition to your space."

This artwork is part of a captivating collection titled "Fashion Fever." Its inspiration draws from various realms, most notably the captivating world of fashion. Since my childhood days, I have found solace in the realm of collage, utilising magazines as my creative tools. Alongside fashion, I find inspiration in the very materials I employ. Glossy and matte magazines often grace my artistic process, while the inclusion of newspapers adds a fascinating element. There's a certain allure and fulfilment in repurposing what might otherwise be considered disposable, infusing it with new life.

Mono printing, a technique I employ using tissue papers, adds a unique dimension to my paintings. While my admiration for fashion and the allure of beautiful imagery remains unwavering, my artistic thread seeks to bring the surface of these images to the forefront. By doing so, the viewer is invited to engage with the artwork as an object in itself, rather than merely gazing through it. It's a way of honouring the image as a tangible entity.

In my forthcoming collection, I have made a conscious decision to incorporate stitches, embroideries, and cuts, further expanding the artistic boundaries I wish to explore. This endeavour promises to bring a new layer of depth and creativity to my work, infusing it with a touch of tactile intricacy.

Overall, "Fashion Fever" serves as a testament to my love for fashion, my skilful employment of collage, and my penchant for pushing artistic boundaries. By fusing these elements together, I aim to create a visual experience that captures the viewer's attention and invites them to appreciate the artistry inherent in fashion imagery while simultaneously recognising the unique artistic object it has become.

Sing Me An Old Fashioned Song

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